Nirvana Quadropod®


Superior quality Nirvana Quadropod®.

Designed to assist your yoga activities.




NIRVANA® QUADROPOD (Copyrighted and patented design)

Now everyone can perform handstand/ headstand, inversions in minutes, easier, and without fearing of injury.

NIRVANA® Quadropod made from stainless carbon steel; sturdy steel that can withstand loads of up to 1000 kg.

NIRVANA® Quadropod is not only used for handstand or headstand, but also for other poses or movements.

With a stylish combination of comfortable seat, it can also functions  as a lounge chair at home too.

Available in 2 colors: Black and Maroon.

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Sekarang siapapun bisa handstand/ headstand, inversions dalam hitungan menit, lebih gampang, dan tanpa rasa takut cedera lagi.

NIRVANA® Quadropod terbuat dari stainless carbon steel; steel terkokoh yang bisa menahan beban hingga 1000 kg. 

NIRVANA® Quadropod bukan hanya digunakan untuk handstand ataupun headstand saja tetapi bisa juga untuk pose atau gerakan lain.

Dengan paduan dudukan yang stylish sehingga nyaman dan fungsi lainnya bisa dijadikan kursi santai di rumah juga.

Tersedia dalam 2 warna dudukan: Black dan Maroon


Now, start to become a master of inversions within minutes by building strength, flexibility and balance over your practices with Nirvana® Quadropod.

Designed in Germany

Well-made in Brazil

Product design is copyrighted and patented.

Nirvana Quadropod®

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