Woodcraft NYW

Rp1.199.000 Rp935.000

Same material, new texture.*

Still light, but stronger.

Designed to assist your yoga activities.


*Not real wood


Features & Details:

  • DEVELOP WELLNESS LIVING: By regularly practice with this Nirvana Yoga Wheel will tend to easily relieve stress and tension. Also it helps to loosen tight knotted muscles; increase spine flexibility, build core, enhance back strength and body balance.
  • MASTERING POSTURES: This high-quality yet steady yoga wheel can assist with many yoga postures such as backbends, open the chest, shoulders, back and many more.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: 12”diameter and 5”width, which is the ideal proportion for your yoga practice and conduct more stability for the comfort.
  • WELL-MADE IN BRAZIL: Made with durable recycled materials. This Eco friendly and non toxic injection mold processing provides the ultimate strength and safety for your practice.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Easy to carry for your comfort daily exercises and travel along.

Handle & Care:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth and wipe it to dry with dry cloth.